• Disclaimer:  This entire website contains only the personal narratives of Dr. Lisa Chang.  She does not speak on behalf of her current employer, OPTUM medical group (previous known as Health Care Partners). OPTUM is not responsible for the patients seen in her Monterey Park and Hacienda Heights office before 1/16/2023.
  • 聲明:整個網站僅包含張莞君婦產科醫生的個人敘述。她不代表她現在的雇主 OPTUM 醫療集團(以前稱為 Health Care Partners)發言。 OPTUM 不對 2023 年 1 月 16 日之前在她 Monterey Park 和Park Hacienda Heights 診所就診的患者負責。

​September, October, November of 2022
in Providence St. Joseph Hospital of Eureka, California

June, July, August of 2022

in Fairchild Medical Center of Yreka, California

As of 1/16/2023, I joined the Alessandro OBGYN group in Pasadena, part of OPTUM (prior Healthcare Partners) Network. 

The Group works with Huntington Health of Pasadena, California (prior Huntington Memorial Hospital).

July 2009 to April 2012

Group Practice, Flushing New York

April 2012 to June of 2022

in my Solo Private Practice, Monterey Park and Hacienda Heights, California

Dr. lisa chang's work History