September, October, November of 2022

in Providence St. Joseph Hospital of Eureka, California

I will join the Alessandro OBGYN group in Pasadena, part of OPTUM (prior Healthcare Partners) Network. 

The Group works with Huntington Health of Pasadena, California (prior Huntington Memorial Hospital).

More information to follow in 1/2023

"I have always enjoyed my work as a physician and an OBGYN.  My decision to stop private practice was done so that I can preserve my passion and love for my work as a doctor.  

I can imagine myself stop running an office, dealing with insurance payors, and handling bills.  But I cannot imagine a world where I stop my work as an OBGYN" - Lisa Chang

Dr. lisa chang's current work

June, July, August of 2022

in Fairchild Medical Center of Yreka, California