Office response to Covid-19 updated 5/13/2020

[RESOURCES - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, County of Los Angeles Public Health (, Los Angeles Mayor Office (, Allied Pacific of California IPA (]

  • Tele-medicine (via phone, webcam) will be utilized whenever possible.
  • Reduce the number of people in the office in order to keep the Social Distancing intact. 
    • Schedule less appointments, paperwork done before the appointment, touch-less payment.
  • Scheduled appointments to 20 minutes slots in order to properly sanitize the room and equipment for each patients immediately after use.
    • Patients are requested to be ON TIME.  No early nor late arrival will be honored.  Unexpected walk-in will NOT be accepted.
  • Hand Sanitizer in lobby/waiting area will be available
  • Staff will wear face masks that are routinely changed and follow strict hand-hygiene
  • Sanitize waiting room every 2-3 hours
  • Waiting room with enough space for 6 feet social distancing
  • Request that all patients (and, if any companion is present) wear non-medical grade facial covering. The appointment will be rescheduled if the patient (and companion) do not show up with face covering.

診所對Covid-9的應對 5/13/2020


  • 盡可能使用遠程醫療(通過電話,網絡).
  • 限制門診的數量,以減少門診中的人員流動。 我們的目標是在一個時間讓一個病人在診所裡。
  • 安排20分鐘的門診時間,以便在使用後立即清潔房間和設備。
    • 患者必須準時。 不遲到或早到. 所有註冊文件必須在預約之前在家完成.
    • 如果沒有預約, 不能進入診所.
  • 等候區有消毒劑.
  • 工作人員將戴上經常更換的口罩並嚴格遵守洗手衛生規定.
  • 每2-3小時對等候區進行一次消毒.
  • 等候區有足夠的空間進行6英尺的社交距離
  • 要求所有患者(和如果有陪同者)都應戴非醫療面罩.  如果沒有戴面罩,門診將被重新安排到另一個日期和時間.