1/6/2024 Edit/更新

  • Disclaimer:  This entire website contains only the personal narratives of Dr. Lisa Chang.  She does not speak on behalf of her current employer, OPTUM medical group (previous known as Health Care Partners). OPTUM is not responsible for the patients seen in her Monterey Park and Hacienda Heights office before 1/16/2023.
  • 聲明:整個網站僅包含張莞君婦產科醫生的個人敘述。她不代表她現在的雇主 OPTUM 醫療集團(以前稱為 Health Care Partners)發言。 OPTUM 不對 2023 年 1 月 16 日之前在她 Monterey Park 和Park Hacienda Heights 診所就診的患者負責。

Dr. Lisa Chang OBGYN

To join Alessandro OB/GYN on 1/16/2023

50 Bellefontaine Street, Suite 305

Pasadena, California 91105 

Please call:  626.440.9190 to check if the group takes your insurance


1/16/2023 加入 Alessandro OB/GYN 團體 Pasadena 診所

地址:  50 Bellefontaine Street, Suite 305

Pasadena, California 91105

請打電話檢查辦公室是否接受您的保險:  626.440.9190

DR LISA CHANG OBGYN ​​ - Edit 1/6/2024

On 1/16/2023, I joined Alessandro OBGYN group in Pasadena, part of

OPTUM (prior Healthcare Partners) Network.  The Group works with Huntington

Health of Pasadena, California (prior Huntington Memorial Hospital).

Thank you for the support of my patients, my staff, my community for past 10 years

for my solo practice in Monterey Park and Hacienda Heights.

Allied Pacific Group Members: Please have your Family Physician redirect your care.

After 3/1/2022, Fax/Email of Dr. Lisa Chang's old offices is transfered to third party management to distribute the medical records of the patient's prior to 1/2022.

The third party management will not forward any other information.

Please see the section on "Patient Record"

​-Office of Dr. Lisa Chang OBGYN


張莞君婦產科醫生- 1/6/2024 更新

至 2023 年 1 月 16 日, 我加入Pasadena的Alessandro OBGYN 團體,

OPTUM醫療網的婦產科診所.  這個婦產科團隊與帕薩迪納的亨廷頓紀念醫院合作.

感謝我的患者、我的員工、我的社區為了我個人Monterey Park + Hacienda Heights 診所過去10年的支持。

加聯太平醫療網的會員:  您的醫療護理不會中斷.​  請聯絡您的家庭醫生.

3/1/2022後, 張醫生舊辦公室的傳真/電子郵件將給予

第三方管理來分發 3/1/2022 患者的病歷。



- 張莞君婦產科