Continue with mask in Healthcare settings - Edit 6/15/2021

Thank you everyone for weathering this hard time for each other.

State of California and Los Angeles County Department of Health reviewed the recent CDC recommendation of mask usage for fully vaccinated populations.

The mask will stay on even for fully vaccinated people in Healthcare settings.

​My mask stays on because I care about you!

​Dr. Lisa Chang and Office


繼續在醫療設施地方使用- 6/15/2021 更新


加州和洛杉磯縣衛生部 完全疫苗的人群使用口罩的最新建議。


因為我在乎您的健康, 我選擇戴著口罩.

張醫生 + 員工


Do what you feel in your heart to be right — for you’ll be criticized anyway.- Elenor Roosevelt, First Lady of 32nd President

都會受到批評。-埃莉諾·羅斯福,第 32 任總統的第一夫人

"My role is to guide you through all

the milestones"- Dr Lisa Chang