The following Medical Appointment Policy is designed only in the interest of being able to replace another patient in your cancelled spot. 


This behavior inconvenience those individuals who need access to medical care in a timely manner. In an effort to reduce the number of such occurrences, you will be asked to walk-in only if you choose to come back.  No appointment will be generated for you.  Chances are, there will be another last minute cancellation -or- "no-show"; we will be happy to see you in such the slot.  However, given that there is no way of predicting if another person is going to cancel or "no-show", you will have to walk in and wait.  

Cancellation < 72 hours

Statistically, unless it's an emergency, patient usually need about a week to plan out their work/family schedule to come to the doctor's office.  Most of time, it is hard schedule another patient if you cancel <72 hours.  If you do cancel <72 hours TWICE, you will be asked to walk-in only if you choose to come back.  

Online Appointments

Online appointments CANNOT be changed through the Patient-Portal.  However it can be cancelled - It creates a flag on your appointment account which is subject to the above cancellation policy.  Please do not schedule if you are not sure about the appointment.  Multiple appointments for Annual+PAP are NOT allowed for the same person.  Every single appointment will be cancelled if you do so even if you show up on one of the appointments..  If you have to change the appointment, you would have to call the office as soon as possible.  Cancellation policy of online appointments is as phone cancellations.


We need you to call our office 1 day or on the day of your Walk-In.  We need to make sure Dr. Chang does not have last minute scheduled surgery or unexpected delivery the day of your walk-in.  Our office will see every single on-time patients before attending to the Walk-In patients. 

**If you have an "emergency" or "life-threatening situation", you should go to the hospital and allow the ER physician to stabilize your situation first. 

**If you have an "urgent" issue, at the time of the check in, the assistant will assess your situation to see if you can "cut the line".

​Cancellation Policy - PLEASE CANCEL > 72 HOURS

The major complaints with any medical office is that the wait time is too long. 

Our office policy of NO DOUBLE-BOOKING appointments is our attempt to minimize the wait time. 

You are the only person in your time slot.  

This does not mean you won't have to wait.  Each individual need is different.  And, Dr. Lisa Chang strives to solve your issues as efficiently as possible without multiple visits.  And when it's your consultation time, you will have the comfort of knowing that appropriate time will be spent with you without being rushed.   

Our office and every patient thank you for being patient. 

Our office and Dr. Lisa Chang appreciate and respect every single person who is on time.